Methods of Chiropractic Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Chiropractic care works on the premise of treating the root cause of your symptoms to restore optimal health. Tennis elbow is a relatively common condition that can cause pain and discomfort with the affected elbow as a result of repetitive stress. Constantly bending and straightening the elbow overworks the tendons in the area, resulting in pain and discomfort. While playing tennis is a common cause, this condition also occurs in certain professions, such as plumbing, carpentry, and painting due to the constant movement of the elbow joint. 

Learning More about Tennis Elbow

This repetitive stress injury typically begins with pain located at the bone bump on your outer elbow and it runs along the forearm muscle tendons. As the condition progresses, this pain can radiate down into the wrist and forearm. Some people also experience weakness that can radiate down into the same areas. Those with tennis elbow often find that the weakness and pain make it hard to do the following:

  • Turn a doorknob
  • Shake hands
  • Hold a coffee cup

Since tennis elbow can interfere with some of the most basic actions that you perform each day, you want to quickly resolve the injury. This process begins with your chiropractor performing a full diagnostic assessment to determine that tennis elbow is the cause of your symptoms. Your chiropractor will take a medical history, ask you to describe your general lifestyle and discuss your symptoms with you. He may also x-ray the affected elbow to rule out problems like a dislocation. 

Looking at the Different Chiropractic Techniques for Treating Tennis Elbow

Once your chiropractor makes a definitive diagnosis, he will work with you to make a full treatment plan that focuses on healing the tendons that are aggravated and causing your symptoms. There are a number of chiropractic treatments that can accomplish this, including:

  • Adjustment: Your chiropractor can perform an adjustment right on the affected elbow to help heal the area. This treatment works to improve the overall function of your elbow, decrease your pain and optimize your overall range of motion. The treatment loosens this joint. Your chiropractor may also adjust the spinal vertebrae in the area as part of a more comprehensive treatment.
  • TENS Unit: A TENS unit sends a mild electric current to the muscles to dull the pain by reducing inflammation. Chiropractors target the muscles of the forearm when using this for tennis elbow.
  • Stretching: Keeping the joint loose and functional is important and stretching the whole arm can help to accomplish this.
  • Heat and Ice: These work to promote comfort. Ice reduces inflammation and pain. Heat therapy works to loosen the surrounding muscles to reduce pain.

Tennis elbow is often a nagging injury that returns without proper treatment, leaving you unable to play tennis or adequately perform your job. We at Wellness Choice understand this condition and we know which treatments will solve the root cause and reduce your symptoms so that you can return to full activity as quickly as possible.