Famous People From Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a city located in the southern part of the state of California. Newport Beach is found in Orange County in the United States. It is a harbor commonly known to always be filled with boats. Data retrieved from the last census that took place there in 2010 showed that it has a population of 85,287 people. The upper part of Newport Beach bay forms a canyon.

The lower part which was formed by continuous accumulation of sand forms Balboa Peninsula of the Newport Beach city. The city has a climate that is semi-arid with Mediterranean characteristics. Therefore, showing that, they don’t experience enough form of precipitation throughout the year.

The temperature of the surrounding environment is moderated by Pacific Ocean. This is accomplished by warming winter and cooling summer temperatures. There are a lot of famous people from Newport beach California who are known for art work, business, sports among many other activities.

The list of these famous people is very long though just a few of them will be discussed to know what they are famous for.

In art work, the following people are famous for what they did as explained below their names:

1. Chuck Jones
He is an American known for so many things. He was a cartoonist, author, filmmaker and a screenwriter who was well known to work with Warner Bros. He was a writer, director and a producer of animations. He’s known for making the popular Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck animated cartoons.

2. Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is an American who did screenwriting, produced films, acted and a martial artist. He served in the United States Air Force then later completed as a martial artist. He ended up starting his own fighting school. He is known for acting in films such as The Delta Force, Missing in Action and Bruce Lee.

3. Mamie Van Doren
Doren is a singer, model, and an actress. She is well remembered with Rock ‘n’ Roll movie among many others where she ended up standing out.

Famous business people from Newport Beach include:

1. Henry Samueli
Henry was an engineer and at the same time a businessman in Newport Beach. He is also a known as a prominent philanthropist in California. He owns Anaheim Ducks and a co-founder, Chief Technical Officer and Board Member of Broadcom. Beside all these, he is also a professor in a university serving in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

2. George Argyros
George was an American Ambassador in Spain. He is an investor in real estate in Newport Beach. He also owned Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball.

Just but few famous people from Newport Beach, CA known for sports are listed below:

1. Taylor Dent
Taylor was a professional tennis player who was ranked position 21 in the whole world. He won so many single titles from which he was awarded. He once had the most impressive victory by beating world’s number one tennis player, Andy Roddick, in the final match.

2. Amanda Beard
Amanda is an Olympic medalist who won seven times as a swimmer. He got two gold, four silver and a bronze medals. She was a record holder in a 200 meters breaststroke competition in the whole world.