Dr. Oz Advocates for Chiropractic Care for Back Pain and Neck Pain More

Dr. Oz, considered to be “America’s Doctor,” advocates for chiropractic therapy for back pain and neck pain. He reports that 80% of people in the US suffer from back pain. In fact, he has invited audience viewers to come onstage to receive chiropractic in front of his television audience.

He has reported that chiropractic is more effective as pain medication on his talk show. He also relays how back pain can result from everyday activities – even sleeping – by compressing the nerves.

On his television show, Dr. Oz presented a chiropractor who reinforced that chiropractic treats the root cause of the problem rather than masking symptoms as pain medication does. He invited an audience member who does not have chronic back pain, but only occasional pain, to receive a treatment onstage (this was a random selection). The demonstration of manipulation consisted of 3 simple moves, obviously shortened for time. This is a tiny fraction of what we can do for you in our Wellness Choice practice.

The American Physical Therapy Association responded to Dr. Oz’s segment, supporting his back pain statistics and adding that over 39% of adults complain that back pain affects them every day and that nearly 72% use pain medication and 55% resort to heat or cold packs for relief.

Dr. Oz has been an advocate for chiropractic services since his early days on the Oprah Winfrey show and he continues to express his belief in the treatment for back pain.

In Newport Beach, Dr. Nona Djavid is the Star

We don’t need Dr. Oz to tell us how much we can help you with back pain, but endorsement from a well-known doctor certainly educates more of the public. Dr. Djavid is our own well-known doctor in the office, providing consultations and therapy to hundreds of patients with back pain.

Back Pain and BioPhysics

Our team is educated in the latest advance: Chiropractic BioPhysics. We take the blend of biology, physics, anatomy, and even geometry to find the root cause of your back pain or neck pain. Once the root cause is identified, the treatment plan is created to ease your spine back into alignment, relieving pain without the use of medications.

Back and neck pain can affect many aspects of your life. You will be less effective whether you stand or sit at work and your sleep will likely be interrupted by pain. By allowing us to create a program especially for you and your spine, you are taking the first step to optimal health.

Thanks, Dr. Oz AND Dr. Djavid

We do thank Dr. Oz for informing the public that chiropractic therapy is safe and effective. We also appreciate the time he spent educating such a large number of his fans. For a real-life evaluation of your back pain, you probably won’t be able to see “America’s Doctor,” but you cansee “Newport Beach’s Doctor,” Dr. Nona Djavid. Come in or call our office to meet our local chiropractic star and find out how we can resolve your back pain today.