We have hired a 3rd party environmental testing company to write a sanitization and mitigation protocol for the office. We wanted to go above and beyond CDC recommendations and set the standard for trying to make Wellness Choice as safe as possible for both staff and patients. As an essential business, we felt it our responsibility to the community to remain open for acute patients to relieve the hospitals and urgent care facilities.

I am seeing patients one on one with little to no interaction with another patient. If another patient is in the office, I will have you as far as humanly possible from one another. I will also be wearing an N95 mask and gloves while adjusting and taking you off your tractions/decompression/BEMER treatments. We will take your temperature at the door to ensure you do not have a fever. If you would like to make an appointment, please just call the office. We are using Benefect Botanical which is a non-toxic, medical grade sanitizer between every patient.

We ask that if you want to come in, you adhere to the following guidelines:
– Please wash your hands immediately before you come in
– Grab a pair of disposable gloves that we will provide for you
– Do not come in at all if you are feeling any symptoms
– Do not sign in, the doctor will sign you in

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, but I hope you are doing well despite the chaos. Take your vitamins (C & D), probiotics and zinc. Sip on warm water throughout the day. Get some physical exercise. Meditate and BREATH. Disease thrives in an non-oxidative state so you have to get your blood moving and oxygen flowing. Take this time to slow down and enjoy your loved ones, see the good in this (even though it is difficult given people are suffering). We can only control what we can control. Gratitude is a great stress reliever!

Dr. Lisa-