Orange County Scoliosis Treatment

Are you suffering from scoliosis? Surgery is NOT your only option!

Wellness Choice helps patients every day who are suffering from scoliosis. From children to adults, scoliosis impacts nearly 3% of Americans, yet many people are unaware that they even have it! Millions of people are battling this degenerative disease, with loss of mobility, pain, and the inability to enjoy daily life. With Corrective Chiropractic Care, there is hope for treatment and relief without resorting to surgery.

Scoliosis is one of the most common issues that cause patients to seek chiropractic treatment. In order to treat this issue, Corrective Chiropractic Care provides a detailed understanding and treatment plan to address the biomechanics behind this spinal misalignment. Using a specific treatment plan which includes spinal adjustments, postural work, exercises, potentially traction and spinal decompression, this treatment can reduce the unnatural curvature that scoliosis causes and help re-align the spine.

Understanding the source of scoliosis can help you fix it for good!

At Wellness Choice, we often see patients who come in for various discomfort and pain issues without even realizing they have been suffering from scoliosis for years. Some of the following indicators patients have demonstrated are:

  • Overall Pain
  • Lack of mobility
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Uneven hips
  • Inability to stand up straight

Through non-invasive and painless Corrective Chiropractic Care, our team at Wellness Choice is able to get your spinal misalignments corrected, take pressure off of your delicate nerves, and allow your body to heal. Surgery is not your only option!

Do I need to be using a scoliosis brace?

The goal of scoliosis bracing is to reduce the forces acting upon the spine from further twisting the spinal vertebrae. The proper adjustable adult brace can possibly improve posture, enhance mobility, and ultimately increase a patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living.

However, the main source of pressure and force acting upon the bones of the spine is not gravity, but the intrinsic core musculature of the spinal column. When not combined with other treatment like Corrective Chiropractic Care, a poorly designed scoliosis brace immobilizes the muscles and the discs, thus weakening the supporting muscles. The improper use of a scoliosis brace, or the incorrect brace, can actually result in a further progression of the scoliosis condition.

So what is your best course of action? Seek expert treatment and help with a Corrective Care Chiropractic center that focuses on identifying the exact source of spinal misalignment and creates a whole-body treatment plan to ensure safe and affective healing for your scoliosis.

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Non-surgical scoliosis treatment – What you need to know.

Surgery is NOT your only option. With the right treatment plan, managing your scoliosis is absolutely possible. Were you diagnosed with scoliosis in your youth? Did your doctor have a “wait and see” approach to see how it progressed?

Perhaps bracing or surgery appeared to always be the only options in order to manage your scoliosis or regain your life again. The scary truth is that time is of the essence in reversing the damage that scoliosis is causing to your body.

Even if the pain you experience is intermittent, your spine and organs are continuously being damaged through the cutting off of blood flow that occurs on a daily basis. The worst thing you can do is “wait and see” what happens! Wellness Choice has helped thousands of patients reverse and prevent the damage of scoliosis. Add yourself to the list of scoliosis patients who have changed their bodies at our office.


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