BEMER Magnetic Therapy
Newport Beach

Did you know that it IS possible to improve your life in just 8 minutes? And even better… while lying down and relaxing! Over one million people across the world have been using the cutting edge healing technology of BEMER. Now it is available to you, with your own personalized treatment program at Wellness Choice.

What is BEMER?

BEMER is THE electromagnetic healing treatment that has been proven to increase blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system. This innovative healing technique assists in boosting mental acuity and increasing the regenerative abilities of the body.

Combined with the personalized corrective chiropractic care program at Wellness Choice, BEMER healing technology can also result in Performance Improvement! The increase of energy, blood circulation and increased blood flow to the heart all contribute to optimal performance in patients across the world.

What Does B.E.M.E.R Stands For?

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New Patient Special

Full Orthopedic and Neurological Exam, Digital Posture Analysis, and X-Rays. A $350 Value.

Benefits of BEMER?

Wellness Choice is setting a new standard in the chiropractic field with the integration of holistic – no drug approach technology like BEMER. If you are wondering why this new healing technique is incorporated into our practice, here are just a few things our patients love about BEMER Treatment:

If you are looking for an additional way to heal your body and increase physical performance, you have found the fit to all your health options at Wellness Choice. Make your appointment today and start on your path to total wellness.

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