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Lake Forest Back pain specialist How bad should your back pain get, before you decide to get help?

If you’re like millions of Americans living with back pain, you’re probably frustrated with how this condition is affecting the quality of your life.

At first, back pain was somewhat tolerable, and you could take part in most of your normal actives, but as time rolled on, you started seeing a significant decline in your overall health. Your energy level dropped, your mood worsened, your productivity level at work or school suffered, and your loved ones started planning events and vacations around you and your back pain – so that you’d get out of the house every now and then.

You probably tried popping pills… at first according to instructions on the bottle, and then sneaking in a couple of extra doses here and there on your “tough days”. If you are like most, you felt guilty and concerned for taking so many chemicals, but convinced yourself that it was the only non-surgical way.

On the other hand, if masking your symptoms with pills didn’t seem logical, you probably considered surgery, only to talk yourself out of it after you realized that going under the knife can actually make things worst. You may have also tried physical therapy, acupuncture, potions and lotions, and different late-night infomercial pillows or belts… only to realize that the pain kept creeping back into your life.

Back pain is draining isn’t it? The physical and emotional toll not only affects you, but it is silently affecting your loved ones, your friends, your family, and your career.

Understanding the source of back pain can help you fix it for good!

There are a hundred and one ways you can start suffering with back pain, but here are the top ten causes our Lake Forest patients reported over the past few years:

  1. Auto accidents
  2. Sports Injuries
  3. Sitting behind a desk / computer too long
  4. Lifting heavy loads – usually IKEA and Costco are to blame!
  5. Driving too many miles
  6. Falling down
  7. Playing with / keeping up with kids
  8. Poor postural habits
  9. Overdoing it at the gym
  10. Work related injuries

All those causes of back pain have one thing in common – the spine, and the tiny delicate nerves that flow out of it. And what do you think happens when you shift the spine a millimeter or two out of alignment? You guessed it, relentless pain and discomfort.

Our advanced chiropractic team has helped many Lake Forest patients find relief!

Do you think pain medication can somehow realign your spine and take pressure off the delicate nerves – putting an end to your back pain? Not unless they’re magic pills!

The only way to permanently put and end to your back pain, is to realign the spine gradually and systematically through what is called “Corrective Chiropractic Care” – a highly-specialized technique that only a handful of chiropractor throughout California practice. And guess what – our office is part of that handful.

Through non-invasive and painless corrective chiropractic care, our Chiropractors are able to get your spinal misalignments corrected, take pressure off of your delicate nerves, and allow your back to heal.

The results are nothing less than phenomenal and life-changing. Listen, it took years to get your spine to the condition it is right now… how about spending a couple of months erasing it? You and your loved ones will start seeing an end to their back pain within the first few visits.

Call today to see if you qualify for our advanced corrective chiropractic care therapy.

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