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About Us

Top Doctor in Orange CountyAs one of only five Chiropractic BioPhysics® certified doctors in Orange County / Newport Beach, Dr. Nona Djavid and Dr. Kate Murray, utilize digital x-rays, postural analysis software, and the latest technological diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of the patients’ spinal problems, and customize a treatment plan that will permanently correct it.

Through their balanced holistic approach to full-body wellness, the team at Wellness Choice is committed to restoring the health, youth and vitality of our patients through advanced spinal rehabilitation, lifestyle coaching and weight loss and nutritional counseling.

Our state of the art facility offers a variety of services through personalized and unique programs specifically designed to meet your wellness needs.

Our Mission

We are a community resource center for optimal health and wellness. We are dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of vitality in our community.

Suffering with pain as a result of spinal misalignment can cause other serious diseases and dysfunctions throughout the body. We are committed to helping you alleviate pain and discomfort from its source through chiropractic, but putting you on a path to better health through nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and weight management.

We thrive on inspiring and nurturing our patients to make the right choice through coaching, and introducing all the natural ingredients to optimal health!

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Dr. Nona Djavid
Founder + Clinical Director

Dr. Nona Djavid is a well-respected and trusted doctor of chiropractic and wellness coach with a private practice in Newport Beach, CA. Founder and head chiropractor at Wellness Choice, Dr. Nona is dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of vitality for her patients, through nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and natural alternatives.

A graduate of University of California at Berkeley in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis in Neurology, Dr. Nona continued her education at Life Chiropractic College where she earned her post Doctorate studies in Neurology and Chiropractic Biophysics. With a background in neurological sciences she came to understand the nervous systems control over the body. Through her research the importance of the nervous system was evident as the key to the overall health of the body. Specialties of Dr. Nona include postural correction, and a unique knowledge in extremity adjustments.

Dr. Tyler Meier

Dr. Tyler Meier, Newport Beach chiropractor, received his doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in pursuit of a career that would allow him to elevate and promote health in his community through alternative healing therapies and conservative, holistic care. Prior to receiving his doctorate, Dr. Tyler graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Biology.

While attending Life West, Dr. Tyler achieved Magna Cum Laude honors. He served as the President of the Student California Chiropractic Association and was a part of the Student Champions for Life team. Dr. Tyler received Clinical Honors for his internship at the Life West Health Center, and he is a certified Chiropractic BioPhysics practitioner, specializing in structural correction for patients.

Alec Wellness Choice

Alec Rost
Rehab Assistant

Alec began his journey with Wellness Choice as a patient. For years he sought treatment and relief for chronic neck pain and scoliosis but never found a doctor that showed interest in providing long term results. Through his training in modern and contemporary dance he became aware of and fascinated by the synergy that exists between all parts of the human body. Alec also became aware of the way in which spinal misalignments and unhealthy posture can hinder athletic ability and prevent one from living a life of optimal health.

After a few months of care at Wellness Choice, he has finally eliminated the chronic pain and discomfort he had been feeling for so long through the power of Chiropractic BioPhysics advanced corrective care. Now as a chiropractic assistant he strives to help provide the same outstanding results he experienced for each practice member of Wellness Choice. His journey with chiropractic care was so moving that he intends to become a doctor of chiropractic in the very near future.

Newport Beach Chiropractic BioPHysics Certified Doctor

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