Newport Chiropractor Offers Tips on Proper Lifting

Newport Chiropractor Offers Tips on Proper Lifting


One way to avoid back pain is to make certain you use proper procedures when lifting heavy items, says chiropractor Dr. Nona Djavid of Wellness Choice Center in Newport Beach. Dr. Djavid offers the following tips to help you avoid unnecessary back pain resulting from improper lifting.

  1. You’ve probably heard more than once that you need to lift from your legs and not from your back. But there’s room for error in this general rule. Bending your knees alone won’t ensure a safe lift. The important thing is to keep your back straight. You can accomplish that by bending your hips and pushing out your chest.

This is important: A study of female health workers in Denmark revealed the women were 1.63 times more likely to develop back pain if they bent forward while lifting.

  1. Another rule: Never twist your torso while lifting. Move your hips first if you need to change direction, and have your shoulders follow. That will keep your shoulders in line with your hips. Also, make sure your feet are flat on the floor under your torso.
  1. When you do lift, keep the object you’re lifting as close to your body as you can. It takes more force to hold up an object when it is farther from your center of gravity. That extra force will affect the lower back. So an object that’s held close to your body is less likely to lead to back injury.
  2. An object at shoulder height will place less stress on your back than lifting something that’s above your head. So find a stepstool or a ladder before you try to move that particular object.
  3. Know where you’re going to place the object before you lift it. That way, you won’t have to hold the object as long.
  4. Do not let your elbows go straight while lifting. Keep them bent. That way, your arms and shoulders take the brunt of the weight, rather than your back.
  5. Don’t be macho. If an object is to heavy to lift easily, ask for help or use a dolly. Test the object by pushing it with your foot. If you can’t shift it easily, you need help.

Poor lifting leads to three kinds of injuries:

  1. A bad lift can cause vertebrae to shift out of alignment.
  2. You can injure a joint and its surrounding tissues
  3. Improper lifting can strain or tear your back muscles

If you are experiencing back pain, consider a visit to Wellness Choice Center, which specializes in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). CBP focuses on optimal spine and postural changes, designed to lead to a significant decrease in your symptoms.

Chiropractic BioPhysics is the most scientific, researched and results-oriented corrective chiropractic technique. Only a small percentage of dedicated and highly educated chiropractors – including Dr. Nona Djavid and Dr. Dr. Jane Macris of Wellness Choice Center – are certified to practice CBP. Wellness Choice Center has helped thousands of Newport Beach, Irvine, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar, and Costa Mesa, California, residents live healthier lives.

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