If You Have TMJ, Newport Beach Chiropractor Offers Aid

If You Have TMJ, Newport Beach Chiropractor Offers Aid


Increasingly, people with a temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) are turning to chiropractic care for relief.

TMJ can be caused by many things, including stretched or torn ligaments after a whiplash injury. But the most common reasons for TMJ are poor posture and clenching or grinding one’s jaw – either while awake or during sleep. As a result, the muscles tighten, the skull and lower jaw are pulled closer together, and the jaw becomes misaligned.

Chiropractic is well-known as a means for adjusting the spine. Well, the same sort of adjustments that work well on the spine can also be applied to other joints in the body, including the jaw. Chiropractors can manipulate the jaw and muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint in order to relax the tense muscles and reposition the jaw.

The spine itself is also a focus in TMJ. The Atlas vertebra – the first bone in the neck – is located near the jaw.  As a result, problems with the Atlas can affect the temporomandibular joint, restricting joint motion and applying abnormal amounts of pressure to muscles and ligamnts. Adjusting the Atlas vertebra can help relieve TMJ.

A 2003 study involved 15 participants who received chiropractic treatment for TMJ. All participants showed improvements in the distance they could open their jaws and in pain measurements.

Chiropractors are experts when it comes to correcting misalignments of the bone, such as those that occur in TMJ. Misalignments interfere with the messages the nervous system sends from the brain down the spinal cord and out to all parts of the body.

At Wellness Choice, chiropractor Dr. Nona Djavid uses Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) to adjust your body back to health. Chiropractic BioPhysics is the most researched and results-oriented chiropractic technique available.

Only a small percentage of dedicated and highly educated chiropractors – including Dr. Djavid – are certified to practice CBP. Dr. Djavid has helped thousands of Newport Beach, Irvine, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar, and Costa Mesa, California, residents live healthier lives.

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